Revés Prima Rosa


Our artisanal gin is a celebration to Mexico that we embody with a mixture of botanical products that we have on the región of Guadalupe Valley that are freshly harvested and we use them
commonly in our Mexican cuisine.

Prima Rosa is made from wild lavender, rosemary and sage freshly harvested from Guadalupe Valley, as well as roses, “epazote”, ginger, and hoja Santa from Oaxaca and lime from Yucatán combined with the classical base of juniper and coriander seeds.

Description: 100% corn, distilled 5 times
Alc Vol: 100%
Tasting notes: the first notes are herbal, we can
feel the rosemary, sage and the freshness of the
lavender, it has a floral character that
complements with a subtle taste of hoja santa
and the lime from Yucatán, very smooth and

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