Revés Drako


The legend of Drako has more than 10,000 years.
The ancient hunters of central America fed with animals a mythic creature that resembled a dragon, making a sacrifice exchange with food for their protection.

In this period, the hunters developed the domestication of corn, this event changed the nomadic way that the hunters had, to a sedentary way based on the agriculture.
This human change of life left Drako unstable forcing him to hunt for food dragging him to his extermination.

Our vodka commemorates the legend of Drako with a pure distill 100% of corn, we distille it 5 times and it’s filtered 2 times. 100% natural without any sugar added.

Description: 100% corn, distilled 5 times.
Alc Vol: 40%
Tasting notes: A delicate aroma of corn, clean on the mouth with a smoothness on the palate and a
touch of vanilla.

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