Whiskey Revés

Blue Label

Our blue label is our finest and rarest whisky, with a production of only 2,000 bottles, this whisky celebrates our Mexican heritage with a
special variety of corn free of GMOs, this variety is Mexican blue corn.

The blue corn has been harvested for thousands
of years in Mexico. It contains 20% more protein than yellow corn or white. The intense blue
colour is a result of its rich content of anthocyanins, an antioxidants that we commonly found in cranberries.

This whisky has 6 years aged in American oak, we want the corn to be the protagonist.

Description: 87.5% blue corn, 12% rye, 0.5%
Alc Vol.: 40%
Aging: 6 years in American oak.
Tasting notes: Oak, crispy apple, vanilla, dried
chillies, caramel, pear.

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